About us

Visual Midrash is a bilingual online collection (English and Hebrew) of works of art on biblical themes sponsored by the TALI Foundation.

The site contains hundreds of works organized around dozens of themes from all divisions of the Bible – Torah, prophets and scriptures. The works include objects from the ancient Middle East; illustrated manuscripts from the Middle Ages; paintings, sculptures, prints and dozens of other artistic techniques. The range of creators includes hundreds of artists from different periods and countries Various. The works were collected from the most important museums, galleries and collections in the world. The website also includes biographies of the artists, articles dealing with art as a commentary on the Bible and a host of quotations from the Bible, the Koran, the New Testament, midrash books and commentary on the subject.

The search system allows filtering by subjects, authors, sources, technique, date and more.

Access to the website is free of charge and is intended for researchers, teachers, students and anyone in need.

Project management: Lior Taf

Content and writing concentration: Dr. Yoel Duman

Art and Writing Consulting: Dr. Jo Milgrom

Content management: Dena Thaler

Pedagogical extensions: Ayelet Gershuni

Site construction: Oded Talmon

Website design: Studio Reut Tucker

The site was renewed and upgraded with the donation of the Shalvi family in memory of the late Ze’ev William Margaliot.

The development of the site was supported by the kind donations of Howard and Carol Tanenbaum, David Klein.