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Roda Bible (Latin 6 (3), 45v): Four scenes from the book of Ezekiel

Artist name: Unknown artist

Upper register: Ezekiel prophesies against the foreign cults practiced in the mountains (chap. 6). Second register: Ezekiel is brought by his top-knot to Jerusalem and sees the idolatry of the elders (chap. 8). Third register: On the right Ezekiel is commanded by the hand of God regarding the Dry Bones. On the right, four winds and the hand of God cause the dead the rise from their graves. Lower register: Ezekiel writes on two staves the names of Israel and Judah and on the right, Ezekiel is martyred.

Source: Ezekiel 6; 8; 37

Technique: Color illustration

Location: Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris

Date: 1050