About the creation

The story of Ruth

Artist name: Swanson John August

Twelve scenes from the story of Ruth (from upper right to lower left): 1) the burial of one of Naomi’s sons, 2) Orpah leaves Ruth and Naomi, 3) Ruth and Naomi pledge their faith, 4) Ruth and Naomi enter Bethlehem, 5) Naomi tells Ruth to glean the fields, 6) Ruth is identified to Boaz, 7) Ruth thanks Boaz for his kindness, 8) Ruth tells Naomi of her meeting with Boaz, 9) Naomi prepares Ruth for her second meeting with Boaz, 10) Boaz discovers Ruth at his feet, 11) Boaz and “Tov” negotiate, 12) Ruth’s child, Obed, is taken by Naomi.

Source: Ruth 1 - 4

Technique: Serigraph

Location: Studio of Artist, Los Angeles

Date: 1991

Dimensions: 53 x 70